Sunday, 4 September 2011

Local Knowledge Saves Lives. Only 12p per person/year

The proposed looming cuts to the UK's Coastguard are being pushed through against common sense to save just £7 million per year. That's a mere twelve pence per UK citizen per year!

One commenter says "My dad worked for many years as a volunteer coastguard... Often the information received for call outs from the public was vague and required local knowledge to interpret. How can this possibly be done effectively from a remote centre with no local knowledge? These closures would lead to delays and cost lives! What price do this government put on human life?" From supporter Craig.

Inverclyde Council have just called for people to back the national Coastguard campaign. We still need lots of help with support from your councillors, MPs, MSPs, AMs & MLAs so make sure you do the following 1, 2, 3 to help. It only takes a few minutes!

1. SIGN national petition, 2. SEND message to your politicians & 3. SHARE with your friends & family. Do these three things to ensure we stop this madness. We only have a few weeks left...

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